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Best Ways To Enjoy Your Vacation In Stamford, CT 06902

Stamford Connecticut is located on Long Island Sound just east of New York City. To the south, there is Framingham; to the north, there is Westhampton Beach. From Juneau to New Haven, you can see the nation's capital with its spectacular scenery, historic monuments and museums. On your vacation, you will want to explore the points of interest in this region. There are a few that you will surely enjoy.

Staying in Connecticut all week? Why not spend a few nights in one of the state's many fine hotels or wonderful bed and breakfasts? Many of the top Connecticut hotels provide exceptional guest service and are close to fine dining and other attractions. Your stay will be comfortable and you will love the attractions you find in nearby towns like Chelsea Pines and Greenwich. You can get up early and take in the sightseeing and then stay the night to explore these lovely vacation spots.

Traveling into the New England mountains and traveling up the Connecticut coastline can give you a taste of culture and older history. While here, you will see near to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. You will be able to enjoy the amenities of large towns while still being able to experience the beauty of the outdoors. In Framingham, you can visit the Science Museum and spend a few hours or a day exploring the history of this town. You can go north from Stamford to see some of the magnificent mountains in the area, such as Fairfield and Uncasville.

Another popular attraction in the Stamford Connecticut weekend areas is the colony grill. This concession stand is located right on the harbor. This concession stand is operated by the descendants of the original settlers. The colony grill offers hot dog sandwiches, corn dogs, brats, and other delicious treats. It is open Sunday through Friday. The prices are very reasonable and you can enjoy a fun family weekend here during the peak summer tourist season.

If you want to find the best things to do in stamford, connecticut, during the off season, you will want to check out the various tiki tours that are available. A tiki tour is an adventure tour through a tropical paradise. You will see authentic villages, hear the authentic rumba music, and enjoy sailing on a traditional canavan. Your luxurious hotel will overlook the pristine ocean and you will dine and relax by the water as you explore this unique part of stamford.

While you are enjoying your vacation in stamford, Connecticut you can stop into Bridgeport and have your lunch repaired or do some shopping at one of the small town stores. Or you can take a boat ride out to one of the small towns dotting the Connecticut River. While you are out in the water you can also partake in water sports such as kayaking, rafting, swimming, fishing, and surfing. For the truly adventure minded, you can go zip lining, scuba diving, snorkeling, and white water rafting. There are so many different things to do in stamford, connecticut; you just need to plan ahead and choose the activities that you want to do.

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